Corporate Support

Corporate Support

The AMF was established:

  • To support Australian children and youth who are at risk of abuse or neglect, or who are disadvantaged in terms of housing, medical care or education (domestic activities will be conducted through a partnership with Barnardos Australia)
  • To assist remote and disadvantaged communities in impoverished South East Asian and South Pacific countries to alleviate poverty through the creation of sustainable financial cooperatives (international activities will be conducted through a partnership with the Asian Confederation of Credit Unions)
  • To provide a mechanism for members of cooperatives and mutuals, and the general public, to make donations to assist those affected by natural disasters (either domestic or international)

The AMF encourages all mutual organisations to act upon their social responsibility obligations. The International Co-operative Alliance lists ‘Concern for Community’ as one of its Co-operative Principles. Similarly the World Council of Credit Unions identifies ‘Social Responsibility’ and international development as one of its Operating Principles.

Mutuals, mutual banks and credit unions are encouraged to participate in the AMF by making specific donations either to domestic activities or international credit union development activities. A list of current corporate supporters can be found here.

The AMF is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. It is endorsed for charity tax concessions and as a deductible gift recipient by the Australian Taxation Office.

Corporate supporters are welcome to call AMF manager Brian Bennett on 0418 466 307 at any time.