Australians attend Asian Credit Union Development Education Course in Thailand

The 23rd Development Education Program – 01 July 2018

This year Taneisha Baker (First Choice CU), Jess Stevens (Beyond Bank), and Daniel Whiteman (Unity Bank) were selected to attend the five day course as part of 32 participants from UK, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Korea, and Indonesia. The learning outcomes from the course are demonstrating effective presentation skills, working effectively in a cross-cultural setting, understanding social and economic development concepts, learning how cooperatives contribute to development, and become an advocate of cooperative organisation.

The AMF thanks Allianz Australia Ltd for its good corporate citizenry in sponsoring the Australian participants. 

Taneisha’s, Jess’s, and Daniel’s report noted that:

“we left the program with a greater sense of responsibility to keep the cooperative candle burning, to provide financial and educational services to our members, and to be confident campaigning for the common cause of mutuality”.

– Taneisha Baker, Jess Stevens and Daniel Whiteman

Please click here to view Taneisha’s, Jess’s, and Daniel’s DE report.

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